Bayley vs. Sasha Banks? Oh Hell Yeah!

  • 07 Oktober, 2015
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Do you remember the time, when it wasn't embarrasing to tell other people you're a wrestling fan? Way back, when wrestling was perceived as cool? No? Well, it's been a while. But right now, we actually have something we can point to and proudly say: Yes! I fucking love watching that shit!

For a wrestling company to produce something like that... it's really not that hard. Good ol' JR said it best: Companies are spending millions on research trying to figure out what their customers want. Wrestling companies hear it - for free. From already paying, vocal customers! We really can't make it any easier for you.

I mean, yeah, the fact that WWE is responsible for this cool kind of underground movement... it's kinda like Vladimir Putin leading a revolution in Russia, but well... if your "competition" is constatntly plugging their ears... it's kind of hard to hear your audience.

Over the course of the last 10 years, two matches really stood out to me personally. Both times Austin Aries and Bobby Roode battled it out for the TNA World Championship. Aries as the ultimate fighting underdog against Roode. As a "smart" fan you kind of liked Roode, but in the ring, on the mic, he was just so dispicable, so disgusting, you just couldn't help it, you wanted to see him loose. And be plagued by hemorrhoids the next morning.

Sasha and Bayley remind me of that feeling. Rooting for the babyfaces, desperately wanting them to have their happy end. That moment when you get lost in the match, screaming for the nearfall, yelling "TAP! TAP! TAP!" at your screen (admit it, you've done it more than once).

To be really honest: I didn't like the group hug at Brooklyn. Sasha walking up to Bayley, that was a bit too much for me. But shit! The f'n following promo was worth every build-up. To me, Sasha is the spokeswoman of this revoltion. No one can touch her on the mic. Just like Roode, so disgusting, so condescending... I was praying to god, she would wake up the next morning covered in hemorrhoids.

"I always wanted to be in the WWE, but I wanted to be a wrestler" - Sasha Banks

And Bayley is just the perfect counterpart. If you have an eye for the little subtleties, for nuances, you will notice: She's got the body language of an introvert - a big time introvert! I haven't seen it to that extend in wrestling and I didn't really believe, it could work in such an intense form of entertainment, but... holy shit, it does! No intensity lost on her.

Speaking of subtleties: It's the little things that tell you, how big this thing is. To me, it occured while listening to the Steve Austin Show. He likes to review PPVs with Wade Keller, who updates him on the storylines since he doesn't watch that much RAW. After Keller strongly advised him  to take a look at Sasha vs. Bayley, Austin hadn't just watched the match and sung their praises.

He enjoyed giving a really detailed analysis and got caught up on how Bayley got her titleshot. He talkes with a passion you don't hear from him often these days. Maybe that tells you that NXT doesn't only serve wrestling fans. Maybe it can attract new fans. And maybe, just maybe, it can help make wrestling cool again. I'm fairly certain those two lovely ladies will do their part tonight.

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