Tassilo Jung: "Russo gets a lot of bad credit he doesn't deserve (Interview, Part 2)

  • 09 Februar, 2015
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Here we go. What does Tassilo think about Russo's controversial reputation? Will we see him back in wXw? And what does he think of his new champion?

Obviously Russo is a very controversial personality. One of our users called you “nuts for paying the guys even one cent”. What do you say to that?

Tassilo Jung: I would say: We've got attention. Also: What is that opinion based on? He said a lot in DVDs and Podcasts and lots of time I really understand his point of view.

For example?

Tassilo Jung: A lot of people think the whole “May Young giving birth to a hand”-angle was a Russo deal. When in reality he wasn't even working for WWE at the time. I think, Russo is somebody that didn't always do the right thing – nobody does. But he's also a guy that gets a lot of bad credit he simply doesn't deserve. In the end, he was with WWE in the Attitude Era, in their heyday. I mean, of course he didn't do all of that by himself, it's always a group effort. But whoever says that I, as an independent promoter, can't learn something from somebody that has made millions of dollars in this business is understanding something terribly wrong here.

Will we see Russo again?

Tassilo Jung: Yeah. Obviously he won't do tons of shows, but I'm not gonna let one of my characters walk out, while they have an ongoing story. (meanwhile it has been confirmed that Russo will return on March, 14th for the event “Dean End” in Frankfurt)

You said, you're gonna be able to learn a lot from him. What do you hope he brings to wXw, except for what happens in front of the camera?

Tassilo Jung: Like I said: Attention, an interesting story that will mesmerize the audience, but also another point of view. Different people look at things differently. For example: Last year, we flew Tom Pritchard in, for ten days. He helped us massively in terms of managing and structuring everything. After that he helped the talents in the ring with their work. Everyone just took so much from it. To come back to that user that made the comment about paying him one cent: If you don't use all of that wisdom from veterans and experienced people – that's downright arrogant.

So, Carsten Beck is because of Russo your new wXw Unified Champion. Why him?

Tassilo Jung: You should ask Russo that (laughs). But I can tell you why Karsten Beck is a good wrestler.

Looking forward to the answer.

Tassilo Jung: He's a really charismatic guy with a one-of-a-kind look in Germany. Once he enters the building, immediately there's a reaction. And that reaction intensifies once he grabs the mic. He's just a really, really strong old school heel. If you look around, everyone tries to be cool, wants to be loved. Karsten doesn't want any of that and that's what makes him so valuable. That's something you don't find these days, especially in the German independent landscape.

But at the same time, isn't it a great compliment, when you get cheered by the “smarts”?

Tassilo Jung: Well, there's two different perspectives on that. One is: People are recognizing you're playing a character. And you play it so good, they love you for it. So you're doing a good job. The other one is: People are recognizing you're only playing a character and it's just obvious you're not that guy. First and foremost, I'm always critical when a heel gets cheered. Even if fans these days tend to like the anti-hero. But that's a phenomenon in society, not just in wrestling.

You don't wanna miss our last part when we talk with Tassilo about their partnership with Jeff Jarrett's GFW, an unfortunate almost-booking of Alberto Del Rio and the role of the kayfabe in our day in age.

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